How to Improve Communication Skills

The world that we live in, is constantly evolving. There are thousands of messages being exchanged across the world every second. Ours will probably be one among the trillions of messages in the system right now. How do we ensure that our messages are rightly interpreted by the receivers? This is where effective communication skills come into being.


Communication as a soft skill is the need of the hour. Every employer needs their employees to communicate their ideas in the right manner at the right time in the appropriate place. Communication and transparency are the keys to a brighter future for any organisation. Talking to one’s supervisor and seeking feedback is as essential to one when starting their career as much as it is to one at the peak of their career. You need to know more about what the company expects out of you and how can you get better for your future roles. Additionally, effective communication skills also include becoming a good listener. It takes patience, determination and practice. As a fresher, this skill will help you garner some of the best pieces of advice from your bosses and experienced colleagues. This is especially important when undergoing training and learning more about your new job. As an experienced professional, effective listening skill will help you understand the mindsets of freshers better. Moving further, it is important to have a keen sense of what is happening around you. Being observant helps one improve their decision-making skills and communicate tremendously. As a result, noteworthy observational skills will make you a better employee.


Here are some ways in which you can improve your communication skills:

  1. Ensure that what you are trying to convey is in a language and has been composed in a manner that the receiver will understand.
  2. Make sure that it is engaging enough for the receivers to thoroughly comprehend it.
  3. Keep yourself open to queries and concerns.
  4. Handle feedback and constructive criticism properly.
  5. Come up with solutions and replies that make your audiences believe that you care about them and their opinion.
  6. Network well and understand the thought processes of those who are not directly related to your industry or field.


Happy communicating!

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